A passionate product manager with extensive experience with commercial digital products.
Glad to see you on my website. I am Maksim Kuletsky.
I've been immersed in the space of Lean Product Management for more than seven years and it seems that I am already addicted to it. I've made many mistakes along my way and for which I paid with my own money. That's what have made me a high class professional.
I help to create innovations for both large companies and small startups in the blue ocean. I understand the risks and pains of stakeholders. I know that I must compete in markets where:
up to 76%
Innovation mortality rate
of innovation will be dead before launch
launched, but will never be profitable
Yes, I can do
Product/ market research
I will conduct Generative research and evaluative experiments to answer the most important questions: Who is our customer? What job do they want done? What channels can we use to reach them? Which features should we build for our first product?
Product strategy development
Planning at the tactical, operational and strategic level. Roadmap creation and prioritizing features releases. I understand that the process of planning is paramount to having a good plan.
Quick MVP start
I will launch the Minimum Viable Product with the most effective set of features according to Lean principles. I know how to get the most out of every dollar I’ve spend.
Hypothesis testing
I will make the tests of product and marketing hypotheses using A/B testing and Smoke testing methodology. I will check for statistical significance. My product decisions are based on entrepreneurial intuition supported by statistics data.
Traction creation
Finding the most effective sources of traction and retention clients. Creating and maintaining user habits. Actually, I love growth hacking and various tricky things.
Scaling up product metrics
I will find a product/market fit and building unit economics models. I will find growth points and scale up product metrics.
Co-founder, Product owner
The main goal of Nicereviewer marketplace is to make it easier for business owners to communicate with Local Google Guides in their location and ensure the automation of receiving reviews on Google maps and in Google My Business in the US market.
& responsibility
63 000 users
From 0 to 63,000 users in 1 year. CPA reduction from $20 to $1.
Payback after 1 year
We've returned the investment in a year and started earning.
2 to 20 team members
Our team has grown from 2 to 20 members. Designers and developers, content creators, sales managers, administrators.
I've initiated qualitative and quantitative market research, conducted JTBD research and smoke tests, figured out user segments and conducted many interviews.
Product development
I've created and corrected the product roadmap, lunched MVP in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Participated in the selection of the technology stack and the selection of the team.
Traction creation
Development of a marketing strategy for the product together with the acquisition team. Testing marketing hypotheses and reducing the cost of user attraction and retention using "Bulls eye" framework.
Hypothesis testing
Improvement of product metrics.
2014 — currently
Delivery Manager
Product and project management of web and mobile products of varying complexity in the markets of the CIS, Europe, and the USA. TANGATA.by
& responsibility
150+ clients
For 7 years of work, we have served more than 150 companies in the CIS, Europe and the USA
Market leaders in the portfolio
Among my clients threre are several largest market leaders and famous companies.
Extensive experience
I have been involved in the creation of various types of products: from web and mobile applications to SAAS solutions, marketplaces, IOT.
Business analysis
Gathering and analysis of primary projects information (business goals, user patterns, JTDB, competitors, advantages), preparation of projects documentation.
Product delivery
Managing products development using agile and lean development methodologies. Planning at the level of the day, iteration, releases
Marketing campaigns
Planning and coordination at all stages of marketing development and user acquisition (SEO, SMO, ASO, Media, Publicity and other).
In-house products
Development of internal corporate products based on the capabilities of our own team.
My desires
& thoughts
I am looking for a breathtaking product or startup where I can fully unleash my energy and creativity. I am looking for an opportunity to demonstrate my cunning in growth hacking. I am interested in such domains as blockchain, fintech, e-commerce. And I'm especially passionate about SAAS for B2B. However, I am always open to something innovative.
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